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      Find?COVID-19?resources including testing, or find a vaccination clinic in your community

      COVID-19 vaccination being given by a medical professional wearing a mask


      Tools and resources?to help start the conversation about overdose prevention


      NH Connections

      Book a trip?to travel on the Northern Health Connections bus

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      Northern Health Connections bus


      Our volunteers make a difference

      Find out how you can!

      Volunteer helps with a guide dog at Northern Health

      Latest news

      April 22, 2022
      There has been an increase in overdose events in the community of Prince George. The reported substance is being sold as dope, light green pebbles or chunks that break into granules and a dark blue rocky substance.
      April 14, 2022
      Six years ago today, on April 14, 2016, Public Health Officials took the significant step of using the Public Health Act to formally declare the overdose crisis a public health emergency.
      March 29, 2022
      The Prince George COVID-19 vaccine clinic is moving to a new location in Parkwood Place Shopping Centre, merging with the current COVID-19 testing location to form the “Prince George COVID-19 Testing & Immunization Centre”.

      From stories

      two women wearing masks and white lab coats holding an award
      June 13, 2022

      On May 1, 2022, medical lab assistant (MLA) Lavinia Ethier received the BC Society Laboratory Science (BCSLS) Medical Laboratory Assistant Preceptor Excellence Award. This award is for MLAs who show excellence in training, mentoring, and leadership, and who establish and reinforce best practice standards and encourage compassion for patients and colleagues. They create a supportive environment for learners, promoting growth, critical thinking, and the development of technical skills.?